untitled (near silverton)
untitled (across the street)
untitled (mohonk sunset)
fallen tree at eagle creek
diagonal tree eagle creek
bent tree at eagle creek
untitled (refelction at endora medow)
Andora meadow
(untitled) rainbow exeter
rainbow on ship
misida glaring sun 2014
ships and storm
ice channel
man with mallet
two ships in the night
Woman and soldier 2013
brittany graffiti 2013
urban spirit 2013
Untitled (Paris contrails) 2013
grasses in cloud 2013
The sea watches you 2012
Untitled (Tree and antenna) 2013
Untitled (blue in clouds) 2013
Untitled.(Pipeline) 2012
Untitled (England) 2012
Untitled (innertube) 2012
Untitled (El Bruc arrow) 2012
Untitled (England contrail) 2012
Untitled (El Bruc Add) 2012
Untitled (Contail and snow) 2012
Highway I-95 2010
Dan Rhodes 2009
Wildwood palm- tree 2008
Untitled (billboards) 2008
Atlantic city wave  2008
Untitled (Wildwood) 2008
Maine 2003
Untitled (philly Housing) 2004
contrail (and wood)
contrail (and sunset)
contrail (and evergreen)
contrail (and antena)
contrail (and contrail)
contrail (and lamp post)
plane (and bridge)jpg
contrail through castle